Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Possibilities and Plans

I decided to remove the post I did on the Nominees for the 10th Bishop of Oregon, primarily because the search web site had the information up less than twenty-four hours after I did. No sense in duplicating efforts....

That editorial note is a perfect segue to the topic of this post--the fact that Summer is rapidly disappearing and so planning for the 2009-10 Program Year is either in full swing or is very close to it. Sunday morning worship, Sunday School, study groups, fellowship times, and the vast array of programs, volunteers, and calendar dates that need to be coordinated to have those events make this a very busy several weeks! Beyond that, however, I am thinking of our programs as means to an end--the end being mission and ministry within this church and community. So, though it daunting to see the amount of effort required, there is also a program year ripe with possibilities.

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